About the Gardens

“Thenford is a must-see for every gardener. It is one of the epic gardens of modern times but, at the same time – like all the best gardens – very personal, containing a multiplicity of stories: from the plant collections to what it reveals about the lives, travels and friendships of Lord and Lady Heseltine.

It combines the tradition of 18th-century landscape design in its re-shaping of a landscape with patterns of woods and water, with a plant enthusiasts’s bursts of planting. And there is a surprise at every corner. It needs a day to do a visit justice.”

Christopher Woodward, Director of the Garden Museum

The arboretum, spread out over seventy acres, features a collection of more than three thousand different trees and shrubs, together with extensive herbaceous borders, water gardens, an alpine trough garden, a sculpture garden, a rose garden and a rill.

The medieval fish ponds, their interconnecting canal and the existing lake have been restored and two new ones have been added. An eighteenth century avenue of mature yews has been cleared of self seeded shrubs and saplings, and returned to its former grandeur.


The Collection


The Walled Garden

The Rill

The Water Gardens

The Sculpture Garden

The Trough Garden

Visiting Thenford

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